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Regional Opportunities for Thriving Schools

On August 25th, our Board of Education will receive recommendations from Superintendent Dorland and District staff regarding proposed school closures. The Board of Education Study Session will be live streamed and recorded.

This is a sensitive topic, but we know the District must take action to ensure the best for students today and in the future. District staff and this Board are committed to full transparency and open communication with you, our Jeffco community, throughout this process.

We respect and invite all voices to join in this conversation, and it is my hope that we can all come together to grieve the changes to our Jeffco community, find the positives in new beginnings, and move forward with the future of our Jeffco students as our priority.

The District has created several resources to keep families, employees and community members informed along the way. This webpage, Regional Opportunities for Thriving Schools, provides information and dates for upcoming community events.

Thank you for caring about our students and our schools.



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